Image of telephone numbersThere's always some confusion when I say that I'm a "SOHO Consultant." Some people think that I'm talking about Soho in London. Or they think that I work out of SoHo in New York City. But in the computer industry, SOHO (or sometimes, SO/HO) is an acronym for Small Office/Home Office. It describes a computer user and market segment for what the industry seems to be too embarrassed to label the very small business.

Michael Cabral

So, why not just say that I'm a computer consultant or IT consultant? Because I don't believe that my consulting is just about computers or software. Very small businesses often purchase technology and related apps because of specific need. Then, time and time again, I see SOHOs only using that small portion of the technology, and not taking advantage of their computers or leveraging technology to their advantage.

That's where I usually come in. My feeling is that just having technology—the hardware, the software, the iGadgets, the cloudGizmos— isn't really all that useful. Knowing how to use it is just as important.

I work with business and individual users who need to know how to use their technology to get their jobs or projects done. But usually there's no one there to help them with their specific issues. If that sounds like you, please explore my site to see if I might be able to help you. If you are having a technology issue and need immediate assistance, you can submit a Trouble Ticket.


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