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This form is provide for those who wish more information about the services that I provide. It may also be used for inquiries about consultations on specific projects. If a return telephone called is desired, please check the appropriate box, and indicate a timeframe when it would be best to call. Due to schedule constraints, I may not be able to call during regular business hours.

If you are in an emergency situation, and require immediate help for a system down or project issue, you should use the telephone number. Make sure to leave your callback number, and a time range at which you will be at that telephone number.







Are you inquiring for a/an , , , or ?



This form is for general information. Clients should e-mail me directly.


Non-emergency appointments are made and confirmed by e-mail—not by voice mail. Non-emergency telephone calls may be considered consultations.

Telephone: (401) 651-7646 or (888) 651-7646.

Video and text conferencing by appointment via WebEx, Groop or Skype.

Current clients should not use this form. Please e-mail me directly with your issues. If this is an emergency, use the SOHOMike emergency phone number.

Vendors please visit the SOHO Business Enterprises website. Unsolicited vendor voice mails are not accepted at my client number. This number is listed with the National Do Not Call Registry.

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