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I've provided many services for my SOHO clients. I've tried to group them by category to make it easier to follow.

AVG CloudCareTechnology

Pre-purchase advise and shopping

Installation of computers

Configuration of systems

Hardware troubleshooting and replacement

Upgrades including hard drives and memory (RAM)

Security issues

Installation and upgrades of operating systems

Smartphone troubleshooting and support

Slate and Tablet troubleshooting and support

Software and Apps

Installation of software and apps

Licensing issues

Updates and upgrades of software and apps

Troubleshooting of specific software glitches

QuickBooks and Quicken support


ISP (Internet Service Provider) issues

Upgrades to broadband

Web browser upgrades

Web browser troubleshooting

Security issues

E-mail setup and configuration

Attachment issues

AOL support

Microsoft Outlook support

Sage ACT e-mail support (limited)


Network setup

Server installation and maintenance


Ethernet upgrades


Mail merge and address list repurposing

Conversion of files

Macintosh to Windows file conversion

Windows to Macintosh file conversion

Exporting of data for reuse


Publicly, I have led computer training courses at several facilities including The Learning Connection and the South Coast Learning Network. Currently, I am available to train privately for companies and individuals. I have successfully completed the Brown University Learning Community Training Certificate Program. I sign English.


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